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Getting Technical

We <3 live streamed video games

Broadcasting SDK

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Twitch is flourishing, but we have projects in the pipeline to change our growth curve. The existing streaming tools are difficult to use and require expensive gaming rigs or additional hardware. The goal of our SDK is to integrate streaming into games, dramatically lowering the activation energy to broadcast.

RSpec Tech Talk

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Midway through ‘10 we found our product market fit and with the increased usage, new focus, and a real desire to building something massive we started a huge internal effort to increase code quality. Testing is a cornerstone of everything that we write now. RSpec has changed the format in which tests are to be expressed and recently we got together to share that information with all devs with the aim being that all new tests you write should be in the new format and convert the tests written in the old format when you come across them.

Different Features, Equal KPI’s

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Last January we were really excited when Jorge joined Twitch to build us an Android app. As a project manager a key question I helped answer was what to build for the initial release. I pushed for a tight spec for the v1 Android, and I was excited to see how the spartan Android app’s numbers would stack up to the full featured IOS app.

A Transitional Year

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Next week is E3, which marks a year since we first launched TwitchTV. What a year it has been! This post serves to provide an answer to the question I field the most when out and about talking about what we do: “What is the difference between TwitchTV and JustinTV?”